Happy Clients

Not an exhaustive list.... its too exhausting!

What others are saying:


“Jesse is an extremely talented individual on many levels.

In particular he has strong creative director skills and experience for putting on events--from the initial considerations, to all the fine details, to the final production. His ability to see the event as it will be in his mind and his capability to make it happen are extraordinary.

Jesse has an eye for detail that most do not and cannot catch easily. This gives him an edge in making the final product look that way it needs to look.

Deadlines are important to every business. Jesse is very fast and focused when needed and will work above and beyond to ensure that is work his completed.

Jess is well-liked by his peers and has a deep sense of what matters to the company.

Finally, communication is key to company's success. Jesse is a visual communicator. Words are essential, but at times pictures tell the story in a way that words cannot express. I have found his ability to turn words and ideas into simple and, sometimes, stunning visuals, at times, to be unsurpassed.”

— Jim Harding | President & CTO @ Grokit Data


“Jesse has been a great resource for Spirit Media. As a creative director, editor and designer, he brings pure creativity, passion and the capabilities to deliver exceptional work.“

— Bill Dolan | President, Spirit Media